Ruger Rapid Retail Rewards Programsm

A Retailer Incentive Program that Rewards Retail Sales Representatives for Ruger® Firearms Sales.

Sell Ruger, earn points!

This part is simple. Do what you do every day, do what you do best... help YOUR customers get the best firearm they can. Sell them a new Ruger firearms and earn your way to your own Ruger rewards.

Each sale gets you more points towards a choice of over 50 Ruger® products.

Get Rewarded

Ruger® 4R Rewards

Sign-Up for a my4R account today and begin tracking your new Ruger® firearms sales! This account will help you to enter and track your sales and prepare for point redemption.

When you are ready to redeem your 4R Program points, you must generate a 4R Program Redemption Form online via your Ruger my4R account, which can be created and accessed at All supporting documentation must be uploaded for each recorded sale prior to generating your redemption in order to be considered a "Digital Redemption". Once the Redemption Form has been generated, you will not be able to upload any supporting documentation and will then need to mail the information as listed below.

A Redemption Form which does not include all of the following information will be deemed incomplete.

  1. A completed, online generated 4R Program Redemption Form;
  2. Proof of each qualified sale* in one of the three acceptable forms. Completed copies of pages 2 and 3 of the Firearms Transaction Record (Form 4473) OR a copy of the cash register receipt showing serial number, date sold and approval number (NICS or State/Local Approval) OR a copy of your electronic ATF disposition record showing serial number, date sold, and approval number (NICS or State/Local Approval);
  3. If redeeming for a firearm, a current copy of the license of the FFL to whom you want the Ruger® Reward Firearm shipped.

Note: Hand written cash register receipts will NOT be accepted. If your cash register receipt or electronic ATF disposition record does not contain ALL requirements, you will need to submit page 2 and 3 of the 4473.

* If you are submitting your supporting documentation online, you must upload JPEG images (photos or scans) of the supporting documentation before generating your Redemption. JPEG files must be clear and legible for consideration.

If you decide to submit your supporting documentation by mail, all of the above information (including a printed copy of the online-generated 4R Program Redemption Form) should be sent to the address specified on the 4R Program Redemption Form after you have generated your Redemption.

Some reward firearms may not be available in all states and locales due to laws limiting magazine capacity or other feature-based restrictions.