Ruger Rapid Retail Rewards Programsm

A Retailer Incentive Program that Rewards Retail Sales Representatives for Ruger® Firearms Sales.


Question: How many reward products can I earn during this promotion?
Answer: You can redeem for as many reward products as you have points.

Question: Can I request an alternate reward firearm model?
Answer: No. You must select from one of our standard reward products which can be found on the "Get Rewarded" page.

Question: What are the acceptable forms for Proof of Sale?
Answer: Proof of sale is required for each firearm sold in one of the three acceptable forms. Completed copies of pages 2 and 3 of the Firearms Transaction Record (Form 4473) OR a copy of the cash register receipt showing serial number, date sold and approval number (NICS or State/Local Approval) OR a copy of your electronic ATF disposition record showing serial number, date sold and approval number (NICS or State/Local Approval).
Note: If your cash register receipt or electronic ATF disposition record does not contain ALL requirements, you will need to submit page 2 and 3 of the 4473.
Proof of sale that is not complete or missing the specified information will be rejected.

Question: Can I submit hand-written receipts as Proof of Sale?
Answer: No, they will not be accepted. Proof of sale will only be accepted in one of the three forms as listed above and in the Program Rules.

Question: My state / locale does not require a NICS background check. What form for Proof of Sale can I use?
Answer: An approval number is a required element of a proof of sale document. If your state does not require a NICS background check, the state / locale approval number is allowed. This number is a required element for all of the defined proof of sales. If the cash register receipt and eATF record proof of sale does not contain the NICS or state / locals approval number, then completed copies of pages 2 and 3 of the Firearms Transaction Record (Form 4473) will need to be submitted.

Question: When I check on the status of my redemption, what does PENDING mean?
Answer: As your redemption moves through our verification process, your status will change after each step.
"Received" means we have received your proof of sales and we are starting to verify your sales. We are also making sure your FFL is up to date and that you have enough points for the reward you have chosen.
"Pending" means there is an issue with your redemption that needs to be addressed by you. You should receive an email detailing what is missing or incorrect on your redemption. Often times it is an expired FFL copy or the proof of sale you submitted was incomplete or not valid.
"Processing" means everything is correct with your redemption and there is nothing more you need to do.
"Approved" means we have made the request to our shipping group to ship out your reward(s). You should receive an email once your reward firearm has shipped.

Question: Will all of my reward items ship at the same time?
Answer: No. Most reward items are shipped individually.

Question: How do I submit a redemption for reward items?
Answer: All redemptions MUST be generated online. However, final submissions of your redemption can be either online or you can mail it in. If you are submitting your redemption online, you will need to select tracked sales that are marked with the "Digital Ready" icon. Redemptions that use tracked sales labeled "Paperwork Required" will require you to mail in the Redemption Form and all tracked sales marked "Paperwork Required" per the instructions on the generated Redemption Form.

Question: Is the date range for eligible purchases defined as the SOLD or RELEASED dates. If in fact it is the sold date, page 3 of the 4473 will not be signed or dated?
Answer: For your sale to be counted in this promotion, the SALE DATE needs to be by September 15, 2018 and all redemption requests must be completed and received by September 30, 2018 - therefore your firearm would need to be RELEASED in a time-frame where it can be signed, dated and received by September 30, 2018.

Question: I work at a major outdoors retailer, am I allowed participating in this program?
Answer: Any legally employed salesperson of FEDERALLY LICENSED RETAIL FIREARMS DEALER HAVING A REGULAR PLACE OF BUSINESS with scheduled business hours on premises where such business use is permitted by law, and where products are displayed to the shooting public, and who have a state resale tax number (where applicable) may participate PROVIDING THEIR MANAGEMENT ALLOWS FOR PARTICIPATION.

Question: Sometimes a sale is "pending" and the salesperson who sold the gun couldn't finish the 4473 and another person signs the form, who gets the credit? I think it should be the person who sold the gun but his name will not be on the 4473.
Answer: To get credit for the sale, have your store manager sign and date the COPY of the Proof of Sale stating who is approved to get the credit for the sale. They should write the SELLERS name in the footer of the copy with "Confirmed as Seller" and then sign, print and date.

Question: Can I combine my store points across sales reps or across multiple retail locations?
Answer: No, this program is intended to support retailer sales people as individuals and the Points are awarded to individuals, at one retail location. THE PROGRAM IS NOT INTENDED FOR RETAILER LOCATIONS AS A COMBINED SALES ENTITY. That is neither an objective of the program or within the program rules and regulations.

Question: I often sell firearms over the Internet / indirect to consumers (either through transfers or outside our local area). Because of this, our business does not record the 4473 or get an approval number and we are unable to provide a copy of the document for you. Can we utilize another form of verification to receive the Points for this program?
Answer: No, our goal for this program is to reward storefront retailer sales reps and have set our rules and regulations accordingly - both in how points are rewarded and the regulations on who can participate. One of these rules require submission of a copy of the 4473 (pages 2 and 3), a print out of your electronic ATF disposition record showing model, serial number, date sold, approval number, and salesperson as the verification of sale or a photocopy of cash register receipt showing model, serial number, date sold and approval number, and we need to have a copy of that document for all Points submitted. Without that documentation, we are unable to process those Points and reward any firearms. Further, because of the way this program is structured, everyone benefits from the increased Ruger pull-through. Even if this specific promotion is not directly beneficial to a mid-rep, an internet seller or a broker of a sale, the increased activity of this program will increase sales and help your business.

Question: I use the e-4473 offered by the BATF. Am I able to still participate in this program?
Answer: Yes, you will just need to send a copy of your printed version of the form. There is no difference between the information collected in the electronic version of the 4473 or the pre-printed version. The output for both is a document that can be copied and submitted for this program.