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Any retail salesperson who is employed by a federally licensed firearms retailer and who sells new Ruger® firearms may participate in the Ruger Rapid Retail Rewards Program ("4R Programsm"), which allows retail sales persons the opportunity to earn points to redeem for select Ruger® products during the specified time period.

Points are accumulated by selling new Ruger® firearms between June 15, 2018 and September 15, 2018. 4R Programsm points may then be redeemed for select Ruger® reward products. The list of available Ruger® reward products and associated redemption point value, as well as 4R Programsm point values associated with each model firearm sold are available online at

When you have accumulated enough points to qualify for a 4R reward product, simply submit the necessary information (described below, under "Redeeming 4R Program Points") to us online and we will redeem your 4R Programsm points for the product(s) you select.

The following terms and conditions also apply to the 4R Program;

  1. The 4R Programsm is only open to legally employed salespersons of FEDERALLY LICENSED RETAIL FIREARMS DEALERS HAVING A REGULAR PLACE OF BUSINESS with scheduled business hours on premises where such business use is permitted by law, and where products are displayed to the shooting public, and who have a state resale tax number (where applicable).
  2. Participants must be 18 years of age or older and a US citizen or resident alien and legally entitled to possess the reward product in their state or locale.
  3. Only new Ruger® firearm sales occurring between June 15, 2018 and September 15, 2018 qualify for this Program. Pre-owned or used Ruger® firearm sales do not qualify. Law enforcement tax exempt orders do not qualify for the 4R Programsm. A Ruger® firearm is considered sold when the Form 4473 is completed and the consumer takes possession of the firearm. At that point, the retail salesperson who completed the transfer of the Ruger® firearm may credit the sale towards the 4R Program.
  4. Each participant must create an account at (my4R Account)
  5. All requests for redemption must be received no later than September 30, 2018. Requests for redemption received after September 30, 2018 will not be accepted. Ruger is not responsible for lost, stolen, missing or misdirected mail. Ruger Rapid Retail Rewards Programsm points have no cash value.
  6. Incomplete requests for redemption will not be processed. If your submission is incomplete, you will be notified by email (with instructions on how to correct it). Any incomplete request not corrected by October 31, 2018 will be canceled.
  7. If the Ruger® reward product that you select for redemption is unavailable, Ruger reserves the right to substitute a product of equal or greater value.
  8. Ruger® reward products will be shipped at Ruger's expense. Firearms will be shipped to the Federal Firearms Licensee ("FFL") of your choice, though you will be responsible for any transfer fees charged by the FFL. Non-firearm products will be shipped directly to the home address listed in your my4R account. ShopRuger eGift Certificates will be displayed directly in the my4R Account page. Participant is responsible for ensuring accuracy of all contact and shipping information Participant provides to Ruger.
  9. Earned 4R Programsm points are subject to verification before redemption. Any 4R Programsm points that cannot be verified will be deducted and cannot be used to purchase reward products. Points may NOT be combined by multiple salespersons.
  10. The 4R ProgramSM is subject to all local, state and federal laws and regulations. All Reward firearms must be shipped to an FFL. Not all Ruger® reward products are available in all states and locales. Prior to claiming a Ruger® reward product, be sure it complies with your local and state laws.
  11. Any Participant who redeems 4R Programsm points for Ruger® reward products which have a combined value of $600 or more will be issued an IRS Form 1099 in accordance with federal law. The 1099 will be issued for the combined value of all Ruger® reward products shipped by Ruger to Participant in a given calendar year. The value of any product will be determined using the Ruger distributor price in effect at the time the reward product is released for shipment.
  12. Ruger reserves the right to amend or cancel the 4R Programsm at any time. Ruger reserves the right to suspend or revoke participation in the 4R Programsm by any retailer or salesperson if such retailer or salesperson fails to abide by the terms and conditions set forth herein. This program is void where prohibited by law. The offers contained herein are only valid for sales and Participants located in the United States.
  13. Any points not redeemed in accordance with these terms and conditions will be forfeited.


In order to redeem your 4R Program Points, you must first enter all eligible sales into your my4R account and then either upload supporting documentation and generate a 4R Program Redemption Form online through your Ruger my4R account or generate your 4R Program Redemption Form and mail in supporting documentation.

All redemptions forms must include all of the following information. Any Redemption Form which does not include all of the following information will be deemed incomplete.

  1. A completed, online generated 4R Program Redemption Form.
  2. Proof of each qualified sale* in one of the three acceptable forms: i) Completed copies of pages 2 and 3 of the Firearms Transaction Record (Form 4473); OR ii) a copy of the cash register receipt showing serial number, date sold and approval number (NICS or State/Local Approval); OR iii) a copy of your electronic ATF disposition record showing serial number, date sold, and approval number (NICS or State/Local Approval).
    Note: Hand written cash register receipts will NOT be accepted. If your cash register receipt or electronic ATF disposition record does not contain ALL requirements, you will need to submit page 2 and 3 of the 4473.
    Proof of sale that is not complete or missing the specified information will be rejected.
  3. If redeeming for a firearm, a current copy of the license of the FFL to whom you want the Ruger® Reward Firearm shipped.

* If you are submitting your supporting documentation online, you must upload JPEG images (photos or scans) of the supporting documentation before generating your Redemption. JPEG files must be clear and legible for consideration.

If you decide to submit your supporting documentation by mail, all of the above information (including a printed copy of the online-generated 4R Program Redemption Form) should be sent to the address specified on the 4R Program Redemption Form after you have generated your Redemption.

Participant is solely responsible for ensuring legibility and accuracy of all documentation and information provided to Ruger. Ruger is not required to fulfill any redemption request that is incomplete, inaccurate or illegible.

I Accept the Rules and Regulations